"A benchmark collection" -
2015 Rebholz Grosses Gewächs: Ganz Horn & Kastanienbusch

Posted by Joe Salamone

In any vintage, Rebholz's Ganz Horn and Kastanienbusch GGs are among the greatest expressions of dry Rieslings.

They have no trouble sharing the table with wines like Clos Ste. Hune, Keller's Abtserde, etc.

Both wines are shockingly razor sharp, crystal clear and rigorously defined. They are models of precision and radiant transparency.

The 2015s are jaw-dropping. They have laser focus and incredible balance. There's a really lovely, cool mineral detail to the wines. The Wine Advocate's Stephan Reinhardt calls it "a benchmark" collection. And Ganz Horn and Kastanienbusch represent the pinnacle.

To give you a quick rundown of the sites, Ganz Horn is a sub-parcel of the Im Sonnenschein site that’s composed of gravel and colored sandstone. It is among the most mineral, rigorous and serene of Rebholz's Grosses Gewächs. The 2015 carries a detailed mineral and floral notes. It's supremely graceful.

Kastanienbusch is Rebholz's magnum opus. It's a red slate site that delivers elegance, complexity and incredible depth. The interwoven notes of smoke and citrus are studded with minerals. The 2015 is taut, packed with complexity and shimmering detail.

These are some of the most thrilling and aristocratic dry Rieslings you'll taste. Both wines age brilliantly. We recently drank a bottle of 2008 Ganz Horn and it was stunning.

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Joe Salamone

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2015 Rebholz Grosses Gewächs