A Doctoral Thesis of Slate - A.J. Adam Hofberg GG

Posted by Joe Salamone

"A Doctoral thesis of slate" -Terry Theise

Young Andreas has wasted no time becoming one of Germany's top growers. He's only in his early thirties and for some time now he's been turning out some of the best wines in all of Germany.

His Hofberg GG always stands as a monument to Adam's formidable skill. Every vintage it's one of our favorite German dry wines.

Like Adam's entire range in 2012, his Hofberg GG is killer.

The only issue is that Adam saw his yields cut by half in 2012. With only 4ha, things are going to be really hard. This will especially be the case with wines like his GG bottlings, which were always in short supply. (Currently, there is only one other listing for 2012 Hofberg GG in the country.)

The upside is that Adam's 2012s are concentrated with wonderful underlying material and still with plenty of zip coursing through them. It's really an impressive combination.

For us, what really makes Adam stand out is how they combine muscle with tension. For all their intensity and substance, the wines have a ruthless cut and super-pure minerality.

Adam's Hofberg 2012 serves as an archetype of this style. To return to Theise's "a Doctoral thesis of slate" quote, the 2012s have a striking purity. They have a ripeness, but there's also such a clarity of expression that makes the vintage so captivating.

We have been supporting Adam's wines since 2006 and the 2012 Hofberg GG vividly reminds us why we've been excited about the wines for so long. These are without a doubt some of the finest wines being made in the Mosel.

For fans of the Mosel, and Adam in particular, we advise that you jump on this offer. The wine is just too impressive and too limited not to.

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