A Near Quarter Century in the Cellar:
1996 Lauer Sekt Reserve

Posted by Joe Salamone

Lauer's Sekt Reserves are by far the greatest expressions of sparkling Riesling that we've tasted.

They've redefined how we view the category.

Lauer's Sekt Reserves have assumed a legendary status here at Crush. When you consider the perfect provenance, the value that this 22-year-old bottle delivers is really impressive. It's similar to what you'll pay for many non-vintage Champagnes.

This is a terroir-specific, vintage, méthode Champenois bottling from one of Germany's top producers (it's even hand-riddled).

Lauer's Reserves always display an amazing tension between youthful acidic cut and the nuanced complexity that age brings. The 1996 has an especially razor-sharp cut. Amid this blazing core of acidity, you get complicated and subtle notes of spice, soil, tobacco and caramel.

I'll wrap this up. Lauer is one of the most beloved producers at Crush. For more on Lauer, we strongly encourage you to listen to Florian Lauer's I'll Drink To That! interview.

This is one of the offers that shouldn't be slept on. It shouldn't surprise you that we're expecting a very strong turn out and for quantities to disappear quickly.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
Crush Wine & Spirits