A Pillar of Sancerre:
2017 Boulay Sancerre Monts Damnés

Posted by Ian McFadden

Gérard Boulay makes some of the most elegant, complex and longest-lived Sancerres.

Along with Vatan and Cotat, Boulay is a pillar of Sancerre’s famed Chavignol region. Out of all of these producers, it's' Boulay's wines that I've developed the deepest fondness for.

Vatan and the Cotat cousins are well known for making dense, layered wines that require a good deal of cellaring. In contrast, Boulay’s wines stand out for their drinkability, finesse, and fine-tuned precision. While a joy to drink young, we’ve also tasted vintages as old as 1959, which proved the incredible ageability of these wines.

The Chavignol region of Sancerre is defined by its Kimmeridgian soil - the very same soil that’s found in the best sites in Chablis. It gives the wine a chalky, Chablis-like minerality. Monts Damnés, or “damned hills,” one of the best sites in Chavignol, gets its name from the incredible steepness of the hills. The combination of soil and slope creates a wine with striking precision and crystalline minerality.

The Boulay family can trace their roots in Sancerre all the way back to 1380. With such a deep connection to the land, Boulay has an intimate understanding of the terroir, which is clearly reflected in his wines.

The 2017 Monts Damnés is a beautiful vintage of this wine. It's ripe, but it has a bright, lifted profile that works so well with Boulay’s style. The richness of the vintage comes across with a dazzling array of flavors: citrus fruits, flowers, herbs, and ginger, perfectly balanced by saline minerality and a long, driving finish.

Boulay’s 2017 Monts Damnés is perfect in the hot summer months, but will surely continue to evolve in exciting ways. We encourage you to stock up in order to enjoy some now and over the next decade.

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Ian McFadden

Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits