A World Class Debut: 2006 Dom Pérignon

Posted by Robert Schagrin

It's with great pleasure that I offer 2006 Dom Pérignon, a bottle that I have very high hopes for.

My love for Dom Pérignon has been well documented.

Part of it has to do with my long history with the wines, stretching back over three decades. However, a greater part has to do with how many times a well-aged Dom Pérignon has been my wine of the night among line-ups of the world's greats.

The Crush Crew has fallen for the 2006 Champagne vintage and Dom Pérignon is among the best of the vintage. The 2006 is a fascinating Dom Pérignon. It's muscular, sinewy and vibrantly clear.

Over lunch last month Richard Geoffroy, Chef de Cave extraordinaire, was kind enough to share the wine and his thoughts with me.

There's a deep harmony to this tightly wound Champagne that promises a beautiful evolution. It's likely that the 2006 will be one for the ages. The 2006 has such class and subtle complexity that it's poised to go down as one of DP's most important recent releases.

Few wines go through a metamorphosis in the cellar like Dom Pérignon does. It's mind blowing. The discreet style unwinds into something beautiful and profound. There's a finesse and an energy, a gorgeous tapestry of citrus, minerals, coffee grinds, confectionary sugar and smoke that is spellbinding.

I strongly recommend the 2006 Dom Perignon as a wine to track over the next few decades, it promises a fascinating journey. I've initially priced the 2006 as sharply as possible to encourage this adventure.

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Robert Schagrin

Managing Partner
Crush Wine & Spirits