“Absolutely Delicious” - 2017 Giuseppe Rinaldi Dolcetto d'Alba

Posted by Joe Salamone

The wines of Giuseppe Rinaldi are among the greatest traditional wines of the Piedmont. They hardly need an introduction.

The wine world has become obsessed with Rinaldi's soulful, finessed, and old school style.

Accordingly, the wines have become very hard to find. It's been over three years since our last Rinaldi offer. Just to highlight the rarity of today's offer, I'll mention that there are only three other listings for Rinaldi's 2017 Dolcetto in the country.

As Antonio Galloni wrote, Rinaldi’s 2017 Dolcetto is both serious and “absolutely delicious.” It has astonishing depth and richness while remaining lively. It has a beautifully traditional feel and is packed with complexity - dark cherries and plum, leather, and black licorice.

The 2017 vintage was warm and the wines show an inclination towards richness. Rinaldi’s Dolcetto does a stellar job of balancing the richness of the vintage with their more refined and somewhat stern traditional style.

In 2018, Giuseppe Rinaldi sadly passed away. His wife and daughters, who took over day-to-day operations back in 2013, continue to lead the estate in the same steadfastly traditional way Giuseppe was known for.

I’ll wrap this up. As I mentioned earlier, Rinaldi's wines have become painfully difficult to find in quantity. Even on a Monday afternoon, I don't expect these to stick around for long.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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