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Piedmont Holy Ground:
2013 Oddero Barolo Vigna Rionda

Rionda is a well exposed, limestone-rich vineyard that has the potential to deliver some of the greatest Barolos around. 

"Like stepping back into Piedmont's past"
2016 Serafino Rivella Barbaresco Montestefano

The wines of Serafino Rivella possess such honesty and precision that it's hard not to be wowed by them. There's something mysterious and special about the wine. They have plenty of finesse and feel devoid of artifice. 

"Brovia's 2016s are all finesse" Part Two
2016 Brovia Barolo Garblèt Sué

The 2016 vintage represents a high point for this great traditionalist. Just like the 2016 normale, the 2016 Garblèt Sué is one of the best examples of the wine that we've tasted. 

"Brovia's 2016s are all finesse"
2016 Brovia Barolo

Within the top ranks of Barolo, it's difficult to compete with Brovia in terms of value.

No place in their formidable lineup dramatizes this as much as their Barolo normale. In top vintages, this bottling over-delivers in an astonishing way. 

Barbaresco Crown-Jewel:
2016 Castello di Verduno Barbaresco Rabajà

Rabajà is one of Barbaresco's crown jewels.

It is a dazzling wine. The site produces wines of impressive power, but that's only part of the story. Rabajà is above all about completeness and elegance.

Piedmont Elite, Rosé Edition:
2019 Nervi-Conterno Il Rosato

Roberto Conterno is simply a force of nature and one of the most talented people working in wine today.

As the summer heat rages here, I'm happy to offer Conterno's incredibly refreshing and expertly crafted rosé.

"My answer is: Carema" Part II:
2016 Ferrando Carema Etichetta Nera

Earlier this week, we offered Ferrando's 2016 Etichetta Bianca. Today, we return with the much more limited Etichetta Nera.

Compared to Etichetta Bianca, Etichetta Nera is richer, denser, more masculine, and intense. It’s a powerhouse wine, but with breathtaking finesse.

Bartolo Mascarello:
From Freisa to Barolo in Magnum

The Mascarello estate makes some of the most soulful and compelling wines anywhere.

Today, we're happy to pay tribute to Mascarello with an offer that covers three vintages of their Barolo, including 2010 and 2013, and their Freisa, Dolcetto, and Barbera. 

"My answer is: Carema"
2016 Ferrando Carema Etichetta Bianca

Carema is alpine Nebbiolo of breathtaking grace.

For decades, Ferrando's Carema has been the benchmark for the beauty and profundity that Nebbiolo achieves in the northern extremes.

Piedmont Rarity:
2018 Giuseppe Rinaldi Langhe Nebbiolo

The wine world has become obsessed with Rinaldi's soulful, finessed, and old school style.

It's become nearly impossible to find the wines in quantity. Today, I'm happy to offer the 2018 Langhe Nebbiolo, one of the hardest wines in the lineup to find.

"This is such a captivating wine" - 2016 Nervi-Conterno Gattinara

Nervi-Conterno simply hit the bullseye with their 2016 Gattinara.

There's no doubt that 2016 is an important vintage in Piedmont. The wines are gorgeous. 

"An extraordinary set of wines"
- 2014 Roagna Barbaresco Vecchie Viti Magnums:
Asili VV, Paje VV, & Montefico VV

For years now, Roagna has been the benchmark producer in Barbaresco and one of the most exciting estates in all of Piedmont. This trio of Roagna's Vecchie Viti magnums are old vine selections and represent some of the greatest that Piedmont has to offer. I'm very happy to offer these magnums, the only ones available in the country. 

"All about elusive, ethereal beauty" - 2014 Roagna Barbaresco Pajè VV

Roagna's 2014 Barbaresco Paje VV may very well represent the pinnacle of their stunning 2014 collection. It's impossible not to dwell on Galloni's quote above. It gets to the core of things. The Pajè VV is haunting. I'm very happy to have a second opportunity to offer this wine. 

Piedmont & Tuscany: Bartolo Mascarello, Castello dei Rampolla, Cerbaiona, Conterno, Montevertine, Stella di Campalto, & More

Today, I'm happy to offer some of my favorite producers in Piedmont and Tuscany. The list below covers everything from magnums of Bartolo Mascarello Barolo and old Castello dei Rampolla Sammarco to Vajra's Freisa.

"Captures all the best the vintage has to offer"
- 2015 Brovia Barolo Brea - Ca' Mia

Brovia is one Piedmont's elites, and the 2015 Brea - Ca' Mia drives this home. The Brea Vigna Ca’ Mia is one of Brovia's most loved bottlings.

Back Up The Truck - 2016 Piedmont Edition:
2016 Paitin Barbaresco Sori Paitin

"Gravitas that is impossible to miss" -Antonio Galloni, Vinous Media A tasting of over twenty wines held in early March proved Galloni's note above powerfully correct. Paitin's 2016 Barbaresco Sori Paitin was a standout. At as low as $49.95, the 2016 Sori Paitin offers some of the greatest value that we've seen from Barbaresco in a long time.

Barolo "Grand Cru" - 1999 Oddero Barolo Vigna Rionda

Vigna Rionda is one of Barolo's great sites. Rionda is a well exposed, limestone-rich vineyard that has the potential to deliver epic Barolos.

"Check Out Oddero" - Hitting Another Level, Again:
2015 Oddero Barolo Villero

Buying Oddero's 2015 Villero didn't require more than a moment's thought. It's among our favorite wines from the vintage, and when you factor in price and quality, there's no competition. 

125 Cases: Under-The-Radar Star of the Vintage
- 2008 Roagna Barbaresco Montefico VV

For us, 2008 marks the vintage where Roagna broke through to an entirely new level. We've worked with Roagna since we opened fifteen years ago.

An Undeniable Master
2015 Giacomo Conterno Barolo Cerretta & Barolo Francia

The Barolos of Roberto Conterno are simply profound. The explanation for their greatness is easy. Roberto’s exacting standards focus on perfecting every little detail. The sum is an almost logic-defying profundity.

Watershed Vintage: 2016 Colombera & Garella Lessona

High up in the Alto Piedmont, no one does purity and refinement as well as Colombera & Garella. Ever since their first vintage in 2010, Colombera & Garella has been a benchmark for the region. The 2016s are among the best vintages that we've seen from them. We're huge fans of the vintage in general, and the way that it dovetailed with Lessona and Colombera & Garella's style is amazing.

Piedmont Elite, A New Chapter - Lowest Price:
2014 Nervi-Conterno Gattinara Molsino

In 2018, I named the 2013 Molsino my wine of the year. We've been fans of the northern Piedmont since we opened fifteen years ago. However, what's happening at Nervi-Conterno is game-changing. 

Piedmont 1974-2012:
Cappellano, Conterno, Giacosa, Bartolo Mascarello, Guiseppe Rinaldi & More

As we gear up for Festa di Barolo, my mind naturally turned to Piedmont. I tried to pull out all the stops with this list.

"Brilliant, precise, focused and nuanced"
2013 Giacomo Conterno Barolo Monfortino Riserva

Conterno's Monfortino is otherworldly. It's one of the most profound wine experiences around, and it's a distance runner. The wine simply stops you dead in your tracks.

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