Adam Goes Electric: 2013 Adam Dhron Hofberg Kabinett

Posted by Joe Salamone

Andreas Adam's 2013 Kabinett is easily one of the most electric and tension filled editions of this wine that we've tasted.

It's exactly how we like it.

We have been supporting Adam's wines since the 2006 vintage. They are without a doubt some of the finest wines being made in the Mosel. And out of his entire line-up, Adam's Kabinett is always one of our favorites.

In 2013, it just crackles with energy.

Adam's style is full and muscular - almost Mosel via the Nahe. The 2013 vintage introduces a rapier cut into the wine. Beneath Hofberg's roundness is a screaming acidity that's a beautiful complement. This is easily the most nimble Kabinett that we've seen from Adam.

The scale, texture and snap really woo you, but the subtle complexity of the flavor profile is also really impressive. Adam always sources his Kabinett from a cooler section of Hofberg, but in the '13 a truly cool profile starts to sneak in. There's ripe mirabelle plum, a whisper of sweet herbs, citrus and a deep minerality.

Young Andreas has wasted no time becoming one of Germany's top growers. He's only in his early thirties and for some time now he's been turning out some of the best wines in all of Germany. He clearly has the touch. In a vintage like 2013, this comes into clear focus.

2013 in the Mosel was complicated. There's no way around it. Late flowering and then rain and rot at harvest made things difficult. The vintage runs the gamut: there's greatness and big misses. The good examples present some of the most exciting youthful drinking that we've seen.

Adam's Kabinett is a great example of why I'm happy to have a vintage like 2013 to work with. If you're into driving acidity and cool, "classical" profiles, a wine like this gives you an opportunity to taste something that's become very rare.

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Joe Salamone

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