"Amazing finesse" - 2017 Suertes del Marques Vidonia Valle de la Orotava

Posted by Joe Salamone

A couple of months ago, we offered Suertes del Marques' Trenzado.

Today, we up the anti with their Vidonia.

The Vidonia takes much of what's present in the Trenzado and intensifies and complicates them along with rendering the entire package more refined.

Suertes del Marques makes some of the greatest white wines on the Canary Islands and Vidonia is their top wine. It is sourced from ungrafted vines that are 100 years old or even older and is based on Listan Blanco. The grape has a fascinating ability to transmit terroir and Vidonia really exploits this characteristic.

The wine offers up a shocking amount of class and detail. There are gorgeously clear layered fruits and a seriously complex mineral core. The wine is extraordinarily nuanced and ultra-clear.

Suertes del Marques is situated on the island of Tenerife where the El Teide volcano is a defining presence. The Valle de le Orotava is on the north, northeast side.

Suertes del Marques is easily one of the most exciting off-the-beaten path white wines that we've tasted all year. The Vidonia is exceptional in its transparency and precision. Don't miss!

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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