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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Part Three:
2018 Envínate Táganan Tinto

The always sharp Luis Gutiérrez says that Envínate 2018 wines from the northern section of Tenerife, which includes Táganan, are the best he's tasted. 

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow:
2018 Envinate Benje Blanco

Few wines are hunted down like Envinate. When you taste the wines, the explanation for the excitement becomes clear. They are some of the most beautifully rendered and fascinating wines around.

"Amazing finesse" - 2017 Suertes del Marques Vidonia Valle de la Orotava

A couple of months ago, we offered Suertes del Marques' Trenzado. Today, we up the anti with their Vidonia.

Canary Islands Superstar: 2017 Suertes del Marques Trenzado Valle de la Orotava

Suertes del Marques makes some of the most refined wines that we've tasted from the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands have emerged as one of the most exciting wine regions. There are few places that produce wines as loaded with terroir and character.