"An extraordinary set of wines"
- 2014 Roagna Barbaresco Vecchie Viti Magnums:
Asili VV, Paje VV, & Montefico VV

Posted by Ian McFadden

For years now, Roagna has been the benchmark producer in Barbaresco and one of the most exciting estates in all of Piedmont.

This trio of Roagna's Vecchie Viti magnums are old vine selections and represent some of the greatest that Piedmont has to offer. I'm very happy to offer these magnums, the only ones available in the country.

Last fall, I visited Roagna and was blown away. The 2014 Barolos were excellent, but the Barbarescos were incredible.

Barbaresco turned out gorgeous wines in 2014. The vintage comes close to delivering everything that we want - verve, clarity, and beautiful terroir imprints. Galloni's summary captures the vintage nicely: "Vibrant, perfumed and beautifully delineated, the 2014s capture the essence of what makes Nebbiolo so compelling."

The Asili Cru is famous for producing wines of extraordinary refinement, class, and elegance. The 2014 Asili VV has a shocking amount of precision and harmony with beautifully delineated aromatics of fruit, flower, and earth. The expression is pristine, and every component seems perfectly placed and proportioned.

It's difficult to think of Roagna and not think of the Pajé vineyard. Pajé often seems like the beating heart of the estate. The 2014 Pajè VV is defined by grace and delicacy. It's difficult not to be amazed by the wine's subtle complexity and impression of effortlessness.

The 2014 Montefico VV is heartbreaking. There's length, clarity, and detail. Galloni calls the wine "laser-like in its focus," and that captures the wine nicely. It's fine-tuned precision is incredible. Montefico has a beautiful sereneness and understatement. Sadly, it's too often overlooked, and that's a major mistake.

These are an absolutely dazzling cast of wines. I can't wait to see how they will age. Before wrapping up, I should mention each of the three magnums are very, very limited. Please give us your ideal order, and we'll try our best.

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Ian McFadden

Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits

2014 Roagna Barbaresco Vecchie Viti Magnums: Asili VV, Paje VV, & Montefico VV

Barbaresco Asili VV
Special Magnum Price: $429.95

Antonio Galloni, Vinous Media: "The 2014 Barbaresco Asili Vecchie Viti is endowed with striking inner sweetness and the pure raciness that is the single most important Asili signature. Kirsch, hard candy, mint, blood orange, pomegranate and mint. Medium in body and yet wonderfully resonant, the 2014 captures all the best the vintage has to offer. It is a ridiculously beautiful wine. In a word: stunning!"

Barbaresco Paje VV

Special Magnum Price: $429.95

Antonio Galloni, Vinous Media: "The 2014 Barbaresco Pajè Vecchie Viti captures everything that makes Nebbiolo so seductive. Constantly changing in the glass, the 2014 offers up a striking range of spice, floral and dried fruit character with an expression of weightless power and transparency that only Nebbiolo offers. Readers should expect a delicate Barbaresco. Other wines in this range offer power and/or finesse, but the Pajè Vecchie Viti is all about elusive, ethereal beauty. I especially admire how the wine gains structure and depth with time in bottle."

Barbaresco Montefico VV

Special Magnum Price: $424.95

Antonio Galloni, Vinous Media: "The 2014 Barbaresco Montefico Vecchie Viti is laser-like in its focus. Then again, we are talking about Montefico. Linear and driven in feel, the 2014 is going to appeal most to readers who like super-classic, austere wines. Montefico is nervous on its own, but in this cold vintage it is especially tight. I can't wait to taste it with bottle age. Tobacco, dried cherry, crushed flowers, cedar, orange peel, anise, sage, and mint give the 2014 a decidedly earthy, savory feel to play off the super-persistent, long and utterly brilliant finish."