Back Up The Truck - Champagne Edition:
Bereche Brut Reserve NV

Posted by Joe Salamone

"Although most readers probably associate Bérèche with some of their higher-end bottlings, the Brut Réserve is a real rock star." -Antonio Galloni

Bérèche is one of our favorite producers in all of Champagne. Everything that he turns out is shockingly good.

Out of this impressive line-up, the Brut Reserve is our top pick. It's is one of those bottles that really over-delivers. It's our go-to Champagne value.

Raphaël Bérèche joined his family's domaine around a decade ago and swiftly established himself as one of the region's most talented young growers. In short, the style here is deeply complex and vinous with an ultra-clear precision and outrageous clarity.

The Brut Reserve really dramatizes the incredibly high level of Bérèche's work. While it's easy to focus on the layered complexity and overall intensity of the Brut Reserve, it's the incredible refinement that makes it really stand out. Bérèche's Brut Reserve offers up plenty of mineral notes that form the backdrop of the silken and suavely textured presentation. There's a wide spectrum of stone fruits, spice and bright floral notes.

One of the greatest testaments to the seriousness of Bérèche's Brut Reserve is how well it ages. Antonio Galloni talks of tasting a vertical of ten different releases and they all aged beautifully. We created 6-packs not only because you'll want this around in ample quantities for all of the festivities just around the corner, but because it's worth holding on to for five years or more. With a few years of bottle age, Bérèche's Brut Reserve really blossoms, gaining even more complexity and a tactile minerality.

Simply put, the value the Brut Reserve offers is astonishing. We can't think of another non-vintage Champagne that offers so much at this price.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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Bereche Brut Reserve NV