Back Up The Truck - Pinot Edition: 2014 Enderle & Moll Pinot Noir Basis

Posted by Joe Salamone

There's no point beating around the bush. 2014 represents a breakout vintage for Enderle & Moll.

Back in 2010, we introduced Enderle & Moll's first vintage to the U.S. Since then, the wines have improved at an accelerated rate. As has the buzz surrounding the wines.

There's no doubt that the 2014s will elevate their profile. And sadly, make the already limited wines even harder to come by.

It's hard to imagine a better place to witness the strength of their 2014s than the Basis. Basis is Enderle & Moll's entry level wine, but thinking that of the 2014 will mislead you. It's far from basic.

It's become clear that Enderle & Moll have the touch. In the context of German Pinot Noir, the wines are game changers. Nothing competes in terms of clarity, elegance and fascination. They are that vivid and nuanced.

Enderle and Moll's calling card is radiant lift, combined with wildly complex aromatics. The 2014s have amazing clarity and carry soil imprints in ways that we haven't seen before.

The 2014 Basis is incredibly impressive. It has a stern core of minerality along with a dusting of herbs, spice and dark fruits. There's an intensity to the wine that seems to walk on tip-toe.

For the price, Enderle & Moll's 2014 Basis is one of the most exciting Pinot Noirs we know of. This is a wine that you'll want to have around in quantity, so we created special 6-pack pricing. We should warn you that Enderle & Moll's production is small. It's doubtful that this will stick around for long.

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Joe Salamone

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2014 Enderle & Moll Pinot Noir Basis