Celebrating 10 Years of La Bota:
La Bota Palo Cortado 62 10 Años Después

Posted by Joe Salamone

Equipo Navazos released their first wine just over ten years ago. In no time, they made people realize how great sherry can be.

At the start, there were no commercial ambitions. It was simply a group of sherry-obsessed friends who wanted to get their hands on some incredible Amontillado that they had stumbled upon in a bodega.

Before long word was out on the superlative sherries that they were unearthing and they soon became some of the most exciting wines out there. The people behind the La Bota series know sherry backwards and forwards. They presented the world with some of sherry's treasures. Wines that were lost in bodegas.

When Equipo Navazos' 5-year anniversary came around, they did not release the Amontillado #26 for sale. And that makes the Palo Cortado #62, which was released to commemorate Equipo Navazos' 10-year anniversary, even more exciting.

I should warn you from the outset that there isn't a lot of this to go around. The Palo Cortado #62 comes from a single barrel that hadn't been topped up in some time. The entire release is a mere 600 500ml bottles. Even on a holiday weekend, this will disappear.

The Palo Cortado #62 boasts an average age of somewhere around 50-60 years. While being incredibly intense and complex, it's the elegance of #62 that truly astonishes. It has such subtlety and even delicacy that it's shocking.

There's no doubt that the Palo Cortado #62 highlights the depth of Equipo Navazos' knowledge of the area. Like #63, the other recent release, it comes from an unknown bodega (Bodegas Manuel Aragón) in the obscure area of Chiclana. (It's so obscure that it can't carry the Jerez designation.)

This is a stunning expression of the Palo Cortado category and a more than fitting monument to ten years of Equipo Navazos. I feel like I'm stating the obvious, but for La Bota fans this is a don't miss.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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