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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow:
2022 Envinate Ribeira Sacra Lousas Vinas de Aldea

For us, it is one of the sweet spots of Envinate’s impressive line-up. It delivers an incredible amount of precision and textural appeal for the price.

The Cult Wines of Envinate

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
2021 Envínate Benje Tinto & Albahra

Single Barrel La Bota - Manzanilla Pasada "Bota NO" #83

Both bottlings take a profound solera and focus on superlative barrels within the solera. In the case of the #83, a mere 900 500ml bottles were produced.

"Incredible for the price"
2018 Envinate Ribeira Sacra Lousas Vinas de Aldea

Envinate's lineup is full of exciting wines, but the Lousas Vinas de Aldea is an undoubted sweet spot. It's a wine of extreme enjoyment, fascination, and above all, value. 

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Part Three:
2018 Envínate Táganan Tinto

The always sharp Luis Gutiérrez says that Envínate 2018 wines from the northern section of Tenerife, which includes Táganan, are the best he's tasted. 

Wine of the Year #2:
Joe's Pick - 2016 Ladeiras do Xil Falcoeira A Capilla

Falcoeira A Capilla is a vineyard that was historically regarded as one of the great sites of Galicia. I knew nothing about this the first time that I tasted the wine. Still, the 2016 Falcoeira made its greatness felt in an undeniable way.

Back Up The Truck - Côte-Rôtie Sud:
2017 Algueira Mencia

When you see pictures of Ribeira Sacra, which is located in Northwestern Spain, its potential is obvious. The schist vineyards are ridiculously steep and terraced. They are so dramatic that you immediately think of the Northern Rhône and especially of Côte-Rôtie.

Equipo Navazos
La Bota de Amontillado "Viejísimo” #73 375ml

With SherryFest less than one week away, it's hard not to be thinking about sherry. SherryFest not only offers a chance to celebrate one of the great wines of the world, it also provides an opportunity to taste some of the best and rarest wines of the region. Be sure to check out these SherryFest highlights.

Sherryfest returns to New York next weekend

From October 27-29, the wide world of sherry will be highlighted at events throughout the city, including dinners, seminars, and of course the Grand Tasting, featuring over 150 sherries, presented by representatives from the region’s finest bodegas, including Gonzalez Byass, Barbadillo, Bodegas Tradicion, Delgado Zuleta, Valdespino, La Guita, Real Tesoro, Williams & Humbert, Hidalgo - La Gitana, Fernando de Castilla, Lustau, Osborne, and more!

Feather-Weight Delicacy, Two-Ways
Valdespino Manzanilla Deliciosa En Rama Saca de Primavera Half-Bottles (2016 & 2017 bottlings)

As a category, Manzanillas are some of the most beautiful fino sherries around. Valdespino, of course, takes this to the next level. This is especially true with their Manzanilla En Rama bottling.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow:
2015 Envínate Lousas Vinas de Aldea

At this point, when we offer Envínate we expect a quick sell out. It's been amazing to watch the wines blow up.

Break Out Vintage - Côte-Rôtie Sud:
2014 Envínate Lousas Vinas de Aldea

"They have achieved an elegance and balance never seen before" -Luis Gutiérrez, The Wine Advocate

Mind-Bending Complexity:
1996 López de Heredia Rioja Blanco
Gran Reserva Viña Tondonia

Simply put, López de Heredia's whites are special wines. They occupy an important place for many of us at Crush. Among the great bottles that we've drunk is a 1957 that has assumed legendary status.

Celebrating 10 Years of La Bota:
La Bota Palo Cortado 62 10 Años Después

Equipo Navazos released their first wine just over ten years ago. In no time, they made people realize how great sherry can be. At the start, there were no commercial ambitions. It was simply a group of sherry-obsessed friends who wanted to get their hands on some incredible Amontillado that they had stumbled upon in a bodega. 

Trousseau Sud: 2013 Algueira Merenzao

Algueira looks at the history of Ribeira Sacra with an unflinching gaze. Obscure indigenous grapes, like Merenzao and Brancellao, get star billing here. Although these grapes have virtually no name recognition and even knowing how to pronounce them requires some imagination, they're still handled with the utmost care. Foot stomping and biodynamic viticulture are integral parts of Algueira's meticulous approach. 

La Bota

Equipo Navazos
The story of Equipo Navazos and their La Bota sherries is an unusual one, in that originally there was absolutely no commercial ambition behind the endeavor. This was simply an effort by two sherry-loving friends to get their hands on some extraordinary amont