Champagne Holy Ground:
2008 Moncuit Chétillons

Posted by Ian McFadden

Moncuit's 2008 Chétillons is a wine that I buy whenever I have the chance.

Chétillons is one of the greatest patches of earth for Chardonnay. Moncuit's 2008 delivers on all of the promise of this great site.

When I first tasted it, I was so blown away that I made it my wine of the year in 2015.

The 2008 vintage in Champagne is possibly the greatest in the past decade. It's defined by a sleek energy and balance, drawing comparisons to 1988. While 2002 and 1996 are defined by their power and ripeness, the 2008 vintage delivers energy, purity, and balance

It’s impossible not to set a high bar for Chétillons. Chétillons lies in the village of Mesnil, which produces some of the most profound expressions of Chardonnay on the planet.

What makes a piece of land as special as Chétillons remains mysterious. However, there are obvious signs of Chétillons’ greatness. Champagne expert Peter Liem once explained that “Les Chétillons is perfectly placed in the mid-slope, with the ideal combination and proportion of hard chalk and sedimentation washed down from the slope that characterizes most of Champagne's great vineyards.”

Pierre Peters’ gorgeous examples of Chétillons, which have been bottled separately since 1971, brought the hillside heaps of praise. Aided by 55+ year old vines, Moncuit’s Chétillons is simply stunning. The 2008 Chétillons boasts the penetrating, ultra-elegant minerality that sums up Mesnil at its best, along with an expansive complexity. The combination of breadth and tension is mesmerizing.

It's been amazing to track the 2008 Chétillons over the past year plus. Chétillons is one of those sites that reveals its brilliance over time. The wine has unfurled, revealing an incredible depth of mineral finesse. This is destined to be a killer bottle. I'm very happy to be able to offer this again.

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Ian McFadden

Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits

2008 Robert Moncuit Chétillons