Chartogne-Taillet Single-Vineyard Debut
Chartogne-Taillet Les Barres Pinot Noir Extra Brut NV

Posted by Joe Salamone

After working with Anselme Selosse, Alexandre Chartogne returned to his family's domaine and quickly started focusing on very limited single vineyard releases.

Alexandre Chartogne is one of the most thoughtful winemakers that we know. There's no place where this is clearer than the single vineyards. They dramatize just how sensitive and precise the winemaking is.

Chartogne's first single vineyard release was the 2006 vintage and was all Pinot Meunier from ungrafted vines in the sandy Les Barres. It immediately became one of the most sought-after bottles of grower Champagne and one of the greatest expressions of the grape.

Among the Meunier vines in Les Barres are a tiny amount of Pinot Noir vines. Today, we're very happy to offer the inaugural release of Les Barres Pinot Noir. Their Pinot Noir holdings in Les Barres are so small that Chartogne needed to blend the 2012-2015 vintages in order to have enough wine for a release.

It probably goes without saying that this is one of the most exciting Champagne releases of the year. Alexandre Chartogne has a knack for rendering each wine with such terroir saturation and utter individuality that it will be thrilling to watch the Les Barres Pinot Noir evolve.

Chartogne-Taillet's other single vineyards are allocated in case quantities. Our quantities of Les Barres Pinot Noir are modest and we expect that once word gets out, finding the wine in quantity will become very difficult. In short, now is the time.

To order, email or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Joe Salamone

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