Chartogne-Taillet Single-Vineyards:
Les Barres, Les Couarres, Chemin de Reims, & Orizeaux

Posted by Joe Salamone

Chartogne-Taillet's lineup reaches its pinnacle in the exactingly-rendered single-vineyard bottlings. They dramatize just how sensitive and precise the winemaking is.

Today, I'm happy to offer four of Chartogne-Taillet's single-vineyard. From the outset, I should underscore that each of the wines on offer are very limited. 

Chartogne's first single-vineyard release was a 2006 Pinot Meunier from ungrafted vines in sandy Les Barres. It immediately became one of the most sought-after bottles of grower Champagne and one of the greatest expressions of the grape.

In 2007, Chartogne first bottled a Pinot Noir from Les Orizeaux, a site prized for its great complexity and mineral expression. In 2010, Chartogne separately bottled Les Couarres, his only single-vineyard Champagne made from a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

The Chemin de Reims, first bottled as a single-vineyard champagne in 2011, is an extraordinary example of Chartogne’s skillful winemaking. The vineyard Chemin de Reims has a very long history; it was first mentioned by name in the ninth century. The south-facing slope is located in the southern part of Merfy. It has iron-rich sandy soils planted with 100% Chardonnay.

These single-vineyards really highlight Alexandre Chartogne's ability to render wines that are saturated with terroir and utterly singular.  As Antonio Galloni puts it, “readers will find very few growers with a deeper love of the land and all it has to say than Alexandre Chartogne.”

To order, email or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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Chartogne-Taillet Single-Vineyards


2013 Chemin de Reims 
Special Bottle Price: $105.95

2013 Les Couarres
Special Bottle Price: $99.95

2010 Les Couarres
Special Bottle Price: $94.95

2013 Orizeaux
Special Bottle Price: $104.95

2014 Les Barres
Special Bottle Price: $109.95

2012 Les Barres
Special Bottle Price: $129.95