Crack the Code: Very Special Krug Offer

Posted by Robert Schagrin

Some of my most compelling and memorable Champagne experiences have been older Krug Grande Cuvées.

They have been absolutely heartbreaking in their depth, complexity, nuance and overall elegance. Make no mistake, Krug's Grande Cuvée ages majestically. In fact, this is one of the great secrets among Champagne fanatics.

For me, this is my most exciting email offer of the year. Behold the magic of Krug Grande Cuvée, in two stages of its evolution with perfect provenance. This is fascinatingly insightful, and a life-affirming Champagne of the highest pedigree. You can mix-and-match in special Krug branded wooden 6-packs.

The Grande Cuvée is the ultimate expression of Krug; the wine the Maison considers their "Sun," around which all other satellite bottlings orbit.

They will be the first to admit that Grande Cuvée is not only the wine they are most proud of, but it's also the most difficult and complex wine they make. The Grande Cuvée is composed of a blend of approximately 120 wines with reserve wines from 7 to 10 different vintages, which fall between 6 and 20 years of age. The final result is an inconceivable tapestry of wines woven together to form, year in and year out, a seamless wine with a unique and mesmerizing signature.

The amount of time, materials, care, labor and expertise that goes into each and every bottle of Grande Cuvée is just astonishing. In this context, I believe it represents one of the greatest wine values in the world.

The Grande Cuvée "Savoir Faire" is a monument to the insight and craftsmanship that Krug has honed over six generations and a 170 year span. Stated another way, Grande Cuvée "Savoir Faire" is a breathtakingly regal and complex Champagne.

The only time that Savoir Faire has been previously offered was at a Sotheby’s auction where it sold for $510 per bottle.

Grande Cuvée "Savoir Faire" is a blend of 71 wines, from 11 different vintages, the oldest being from 1988 (my favorite of all time) and the youngest from 2001. The magic of "Savoir Faire" comes from the highest proportion of reserve wines in Grande Cuvée history. Anyone who's tasted Krug's '88 will already have a good sense of how exciting this is.

An unprecedented development at Krug with the current release and every release moving forward is that you can discover the complete story on the creation of your bottle. Just take the ID on the back of your bottle and gain access to all the information about the disgorgement date, the range of base wines, etc. on Krug's website.

As I said at the beginning, this offer is a game changer for Krug and for collectors and Champagne fanatics. Krug's Grande Cuvée has a very fond place in my heart (I've had too many amazing bottles for it not to) and to be able to offer two snapshots of this incredible wine is something that pleases me greatly.

To order, reply to or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Robert Schagrin

Managing Partner

Crush Wine & Spirits


John Gilman: "Did I ever mention that I absolutely love aged Grande Cuvée! This particular bottle of Grande Cuvée was based primarily on the 2001 vintage and was released from the cellars back in late 2007. It is a classic example of just why I am such a fan of cellaring Grande Cuvée, as this wine has blossomed beautifully with its additional bottle age and is now really drinking with great style and breed. The deeply refined nose wafts from the glass in a classic blend of peaches and apples, incipient notes of the nuttiness to come with further bottle age, a beautifully complex base of soil tones, brioche (still warm out of the oven), caraway seed, blossoming notes if custard, orange zest and a gentle touch of brown butter in the upper register. On the palate the wine is pure, full-bodied and into its apogee of peak drinkability, with a great core, ethereal mousse, crisp acids, a lovely vein of minerality driving the backend and stunning focus and grip on the very, very long, complex and utterly refined finish. This is a beautiful bottle of Grande Cuvée that still has decades of life ahead of it."