Dazzling Brilliance:
2012 Ganevat Chardonnay Chamois du Paradis

Posted by Joe Salamone

Out of Ganevat's dizzying range of wines, the Chardonnay Chamois du Paradis is one of the more compact and mineral.

When you combine this with the 2012 vintage, you get something really exciting.

Ganevat's 2012s are at once complex and glimmeringly pristine. There's density, complicated layers and a levity-inducing zing.

The 2012 Chamois du Paradis boasts elegance and cut. It covers everything from citrus to fruits to spice and smoke. All of this is wrapped around a tense and saturating core. There's a meaty, saline minerality that we love.

Chamois du Paradis comes from old vines planted in red clay with gravel and limestone. The wine always stands out for its finesse and the amount of complexity that it quietly packs into its lithe frame.

Availability of Ganevat's wines is always ugly. Chamois du Paradis is one of his bottlings that we see very little of. I'm expecting to end my day allocating this.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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