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Rethinking Vin Jaune:
2008 Ganevat Chardonnay Cuvée du Pépé

Jean-François Ganevat produces an absolutely dizzying range of wines. With the freedom that such breadth affords him, brilliant and revelatory wines pop up. Cuvée du Pépé is a prime example of this. It's Chardonnay given Vin Jaune treatment - aged for over seven years under flor. 

Dazzling Brilliance:
2012 Ganevat Chardonnay Chamois du Paradis

Out of Ganevat's dizzying range of wines, the Chardonnay Chamois du Paradis is one of the more compact and mineral. When you combine this with the 2012 vintage, you get something really exciting. 

Fanfan Two Ways - Ganevat: 2010 Chardonnay Chamois du Paradis & 2011 Poulsard L'Enfant Terrible

The story here is pretty simple: an offer for a small parcel of Ganevat's 2010 Chardonnay Chamois du Paradis & 2011 Poulsard came across my desk and I jumped on it. This offer is only going out to people who've supported Ganevat (known in France as Fanfan), so you're well aware of how rare Ganevat's wines are. 

The Terrible Child of the Jura:
2010 Ganevat Poulsard "L'Enfant Terrible"

Jean-Francois Ganevat is finally hitting the tipping point. In our opinion, it's about time. Ganevat is one of the most intriguing and skilled winemakers working today. This is not an exaggeration. He pulls out all the stops, s