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2012 A.J. Adam Hofberg Kabinett & Spatlese

Posted by Joe Salamone

A.J. Adam has become one of the Mosel's top producers. And his 2012 collection is stunning.

Adam's 2012's are vividly mineral, fiercely energetic, sculpted and above all, pure.

Adam's rise to stardom is as unlikely as it's been meteoric. He began with less than a hectare of land about a decade ago in the off-the-beaten-path village of Dhron.

There's no way around it, Adam has the touch.

Hofberg Vineyard in Dhron

We have been raving about his wines since 2006; others (including the New York Times) have followed suit in the years since. It's always dangerous to make calls so early in the game, but I strongly suspect that Adam's 2012s will go down as one of his strongest vintages to date.

Adam's style is full and muscular - almost Mosel via the Nahe. However, for all the muscle, what stands out with Adam's wines is their tension. They're dense and compact Rieslings with a rapier-like cut and an incredibly clear, detailed minerality.

Every year, Adam's Hofberg Kabinett is one of his most compelling bottles. In 2012, it's really, really lovely. It has a piercing mineral core that's coated with kaleidoscopic citrus notes, bright stone fruits and gingery spice. It's has weight, for sure, but the balance is so fine that it feels like a classically styled Kabinett.

The 2012 Hofberg Spätlese continues the minerality and brightness of the Kabinett, but adds another level of intensity and sheer denseness. This may very well be my favorite Hofberg Spätlese. It has a beautiful verve and detail.

Adam farms less than four hectares and becomes more of a wine star every year. Please give us your maximum order and we'll do our best to allocate fairly.

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Joe Salamone

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