Extreme Minerality:
Leclapart L'Amateur (2013)

Posted by Ian McFadden

Léclapart's Champagne's are some of the most thrilling and singular bubbles that you'll ever encounter.

David Léclapart works in Trépail, a Premier Cru village north of Ambonnay and Bouzy. While the latter sites are known for their Pinot Noir, in Trepail, briny, mineral-driven Chardonnay prevails.

Léclapart exploits Trépail for all its sizzling, smoky and saline minerality.

Léclapart’s approach to winemaking is nothing short of soulful. He only produces single vintage bottlings, and works biodynamically, with minimal sulfur and no dosage. They are electric Champagnes that exude a sense of thought-provoking and heartfelt originality.

L'Amateur is sourced from five parcels in Trépail and vinified in enameled stainless steel, which preserves Trépail's famously feisty acidity in an especially riveting way.

In Champagne, 2013 has all the trappings of an extraordinary vintage for Chardonnay. L'Amateur provides ample evidence of this. It's a fascinating, crystal-clear expression of Chardonnay. No doubt there's a ruthless cut to it, but there's also an enormous amount of edgy complexity - you'll find everything from lime blossoms to ginger to smoke and much more.

For a small group, Léclapart has assumed a cult status. The Champagnes are that compelling and individual. This has made the wines really difficult to locate in quantity. There are just three listings for any vintage of L'Amateur. For Champagne fans, you have to check out Léclapart's Champagnes and L'Amateur is the perfect place to start.

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Ian McFadden

Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits