2015 Enderle & Moll Auxerrois & Grauburgunder

Posted by Joe Salamone

Enderle and Moll only have 5ha and a cult status.

Theirs are eye-opening, attention grabbing and simply beautifully crafted wines.

There's nothing to compare them to in all of Germany. They're wild, gorgeously aromatic and offer transparent immediacy that amazes.


Generally speaking, the Baden region, where Sven Enderle and Florian Moll are, is known for producing muscular, high-octane and polished wines. Enderle and Moll work in an entirely different way. The wines are luminous, dancingly vibrant and aren't afraid to have minor technical imperfections that add complexity and character.

The huge fan club for the wines gives you more than a hint at how successful they are.

Enderle & Moll's whites are insider favorites. They take grapes that frequently disappoint and endow them with an enormous amount of fascination.

Both the Grauburgunder and Auxerrois have a deeply textural and grippy profile that comes from a brief period of skin contact. They're on the gentle side of the orange wine continuum. Both wines explode from the glass with floral, citrus and spice notes. And both have tremendous lift.

What Enderle & Moll achieve with their Auxerrois is really, really impressive. To be blunt, it's a grape that's known for producing nondescript and flabby wines. In Enderle & Moll's hands, the grape shows soaring notes of bright Meyer lemon, rocky mineral and even finesse. The Grauburgunder (also known as Pinot Grigio) is deeper and a little darker in profile, offering a tightly woven and chalky mineral structure.

There's no doubt that Enderle & Moll is one of the most intriguing estates currently working in Germany. But that's only half of the story. Their wines are also lots of fun to drink.

With their grip and somewhat unusual cast of flavors, Enderle & Moll's whites are the most challenging wines of the line-up. They really shine at the table being able to not only pair well with a wide range of foods, but also having a huge potential to make dishes really pop.

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Joe Salamone

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