"Fans of classically built Barolos will want to take note."
-Antonio Galloni
2013 Francesco Rinaldi Barolo Brunate & Cannubi

Posted by Joe Salamone

In 2013, Francesco Rinaldi turned out the strongest collection we've seen from the estate.

The estate was founded in 1870 and has long stood as a go-to for traditionally made and long-aging Barolo. Bottles from the 50s and 60s are a testament to how beautifully their style evolves over time.

For many years, we've been watching the estate fine-tune their wines. Tasting the 2013s, it's clear that everything clicked in a really compelling way.

In the classicism and purity of the 2013, Rinaldi turned out absolutely beautiful expressions of Barolo, especially their top wines, Cannubi and Brunate.

Brunate is one of the great sites of Barolo.

It's famous for a combination of power and layered, finely tuned harmony. The 2013 has a beautiful clarity and nuanced depth.

Cannubi is held in supremely high regard for its intricate structure and explosive aromatics. Everything is delivered with an incredible amount of persistence and finesse. In short, it's an absolutely glorious wine in 2013.

Both wines show Rinaldi in top form. The wines are so nicely balanced with vivid terroir imprints and detail. The amount of clarity and finesse that they possess in the 2013 is shocking.

Given their track record for age, the pricing and most importantly, their wild success in 2013, Rinaldi's 2013 Brunate and Cannubi are really smart buys. This is the sort of purchase that you'll be happy with for decades to come.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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