German Steal:
2014 Karthauserhof Kabinett and Spatlese

Posted by Joe Salamone

This is one of the greatest deals we've come across all year.

Just in time for summer, we're happy to offer Karthäuserhof's 2014 Kabinett and Spätlese.

Up in the foresty, dew-covered Ruwer Valley, Karthäuserhof has been producing some of the most glowing, delicate, and mineral-drenched Rieslings since 1335. The Ruwer is essentially defined by two great monopoles: Von Schubert's Abts/Bruder/Herrenberg trio and Karthäuserhof's eponymous Karthäuserhofberg.

Karthäuserhof always possesses an airy and buoyant citrus signature with herbs, flowers and forest-floor. Regardless of the vintage, the wines are subtle and have an enchanting combination of minerality and acidity that's gorgeous. Their harmony and formidable acidity help to explain why Karthäuserhof has such an impressive track record for aging.

The 2014s are vivid, incredibly expressive and have a zingy minerality. Both the Kabinett and Spätlese are open for immediate drinking, but will also age nicely for the next decade.

The 2014 Kabinett is a classic example of Karthäuserhof's featherweight style of Kabinett. It's bright, clear and finessed. Its Spätlese counterpart has a similar nervy brightness, but also delivers a yellow-fruited presence that makes it considerably deeper and more textural.

Given the outrageous value of this offering we're expecting a very quick sell out. Our advice is to stock up on this for the warm months ahead and for the years after. This is an unbeatable deal.

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Joe Salamone

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2014 Karthäuserhof