Grand Cru Without Make Up
2008 Ledru Brut Nature

Posted by Ian McFadden

Marie-Noëlle Ledru makes some of the most heartfelt Champagnes around. There's a rigor and purity that amazes.

It's not surprising that Ledru has gained an enormous following. Her tiny production quickly disappears from the market. Anytime that we can offer Ledru's wines, we feel very fortunate.

The 2008 Brut Nature on offer really drives home the rarity factor - there's only one other listing in the country.

Ledru's overall style is one of serious structure, elegance, and an unobstructed expression of the vineyard. When it comes to rendering Champagnes of absolute purity, wines "without makeup" - to borrow the description of wine writer Michael Edwards - Ledru's vintage dated Brut Nature may be the pinnacle of the estate.

Working without dosage is no small feat in Champagne's northern precincts. The results, when not expertly handled, can be tooth-chattering austerity.

Ledru absolutely nails the category, delivering something pristine with a resonating medley of red fruits and a textured and refined minerality.

Along with 2002, 2008 is the best vintage of the decade. Where 2002 is defined by a high level of ripeness and muscle, 2008 is about purity, harmony and an energetic structure. The 2008 Brut Nature dramatizes the clarity, beautiful minerality and completeness of the vintage.

Whenever we offer Ledru, there's a certain amount of trepidation. Allocations are inevitable. For the 2008 vintage, we're expecting an outpouring of interest. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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