Here Today, Gone Tomorrow:
2014 Pierre Boisson Meursault

Posted by Ian McFadden

This is one of those emails that I write with trepidation.

Boisson's wines have developed an enormous following here, especially in the 2014 vintage. I'm expecting this to blow up.

Boisson's are among the most exciting White Burgundies that we taste each year. And Pierre Boisson's Meursault is one of the greatest values in the appellation.

The Boisson family produces Meursaults exactly as we like them: intensely mineral, nervy and yet, with the tell-tale Meursault nutty richness.

The sexy marketing line for Boisson is that Pierre Boisson is friends with Jean-François Coche's son, Raphael. There are some parallels that are worth mentioning. Both producers turn out incredibly precise wines with an emphatic mineral cut.

The basic Meursault is sourced from 30-50 year-old vines in the lieux-dits of Criots and Perchots. There's a level of complexity and elegance that you rarely encounter at this level.

The 2014 Meursault may be the most complete version of this overachieving wine we've seen. 2014 is one of the best vintages of White Burgundy that I've tasted in the past decade. Boisson's Meursault leaves no doubt about the quality of the vintage.

Boisson's 2014 Meursault possesses a pitch-perfect clarity of expression, a packed mid-palate and beautiful elegance on the long, precise finish. This is a shockingly good village Meursault. It's pristine and complex with incredible class.

I'm going to bring this to a close. The wines have a huge following. Despite our love of the wines, we've never been able to land Boisson in any quantity. This is a modest parcel that's only being sent to people who have supported our White Burgundy program. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.

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Ian McFadden

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