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Cult Burgundy Brilliance: 2020 Anne Boisson Meursault Chevalières

Chevalières is a tension-filled, elegant, and incredibly precise white Burgundy. It has no trouble competing with the top 1er Crus.

Hiding In Plain Sight Revisited
2018 Pierre Boisson Auxey-Duresses Blanc

Boisson's work in Auxey-Duresses has been "hiding in plain sight". Their Auxey-Duresses Blanc shows a similar tension and cut that makes their Auxey 1er Cru En Reugne so thrilling.

Brilliant Bourgogne:
2018 Pierre Boisson Bourgogne Blanc

There are very, very few wines at this level that deliver so much for the money. 

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow:
2014 Pierre Boisson Meursault

This is one of those emails that I write with trepidation.