High-Tension Nebbiolo:
2013 Colombera & Garella Lessona

Posted by Joe Salamone

Almost overnight, Colombera & Garella joined the top ranks of the Alto Piemonte.

Their first vintage was 2010 and they seemed to leave a profound impression on everyone who tasted the wines.

Cristiano Garella grew up in Alto Piemonte and ran Sella, one of the region's historic benchmark producers. Giacomo Colombera is an old friend of Garella’s and through Giacomo’s family, the two young men had access to some choice sites.

Lessona is a tiny appellation totaling less than 20ha in Northern Piedmont with sandy soils. The region is known for its delicate, feminine and perfumed expressions of Nebbiolo.

Colombera & Garella capture Lessona in an utterly brilliant way. Cristiano Garella likes working reductively and this allows him to render the Lessona with startling clarity and aromatics. There's an incredible gracefulness and energetic mineral backbone.

We've been very excited for the 2013 vintage to arrive. Throughout Piedmont, 2013 is poised to be very important. It’s a vintage of such balance, complexity and depth that it’s already drawing comparisons to 2010.

The 2013 Lessona beautifully capitalizes on the vintage's punch, harmony and lift. It has vivid aromatics, detailed bright red fruits, spices, crushed rocks and high-toned florals. It possesses a finely-etched minerality and packs a multifaceted concentration into a lithe frame.

In addition to his own project, Cristiano Garella consults for a number of the region’s top producers, giving him an understanding of the area that might very well be unrivaled. I strongly encourage you to check out his IDTT interview for a fascinating take on Alto Piemonte’s varied and diverse terroir.

Simply put, these are some of the most exciting wines coming out of Alto Piemonte today. The 2013 Lessona is a gorgeous example of Garella's impressive skill, and one of the most graceful, high-tension Nebbiolos we know of. Not to mention, it represents outrageous value. Don't miss.

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Joe Salamone

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2013 Colombera & Garella Lessona