High-Water Vintage - 2016 Northern Rhône Value:
2016 Marsanne Saint-Joseph

Posted by Ian McFadden

Jean-Claude Marsanne's Saint-Joseph has become a fixture at Crush.

They are old school in style and without flash.

That could explain why it has taken the world some time to catch up with Marsanne's wines. The wines are rugged and subtle, requiring concentration and patience to understand.

For many years the majority of the small production was sold to private clients and restaurants. Slowly though, their reputation has reached the states and people are starting to take notice of the value and compelling honesty they offer.

Jean-Claude Marsanne's 2016 Saint-Joseph will do much to cement his reputation. It's a really clear, concentrated and super-compelling vintage for the wine.

We've been consistently blown away by 2016 Northern Rhônes, especially St.-Joseph. It's a fairly concentrated and nicely ripe vintage. The exciting part is how it's presented in such a graceful and pristine way. The last vintage that was this exciting to taste was 2010.

Marsanne's 2016 Saint-Joseph offers up incredibly precise aromatics and a stern core of rocky minerality. There's an elegance that's both understated and very compelling.

Marsanne is based in Mauves, the same village as Gonon. The methods are similarly traditional, delivering wines of extreme purity, with an edginess that we love.

There's no getting around the fact that Northern Rhône pricing has really climbed in the past five years. It's exciting to be able to offer an expression of the Northern Rhône with so much character and fascination at an affordable price.

I strongly advise you to stock up. This is the strongest vintage that we've seen from Marsanne and we expect it to age beautifully.

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Ian McFadden

Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits