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2021 Gonon Saint-Joseph:
Soulfulness and Delicacy in Saint-Joseph

It's no surprise that Gonon made some of our favorite wines of the vintage. A couple weeks ago, we tasted both Gonon's white and red Saint-Joseph, and they showed beautifully.

The Cult Of Gonon: 2020 Gonon Saint Joseph

The 2020 Saint-Joseph is layered with a depth of complexity while maintaining a shocking amount of finesse. The combination really drives home Pierre and Jean Gonon's masterful abilities with Syrah.

Soulfulness and Delicacy in Saint-Joseph
2021 Gonon Saint-Joseph

Chave Rarity
2018-2019 Chave Saint-Joseph Clos Florentin

Chave's wines are some of our favorites, and we have a particular soft spot for his Saint-Joseph. Along with Pierre Gonon, Chave produces our favorite expression of Saint-Joseph. Chave's St. Joseph is something we cellar each vintage.

2018 Gonon Saint-Joseph

The amount of gracefulness that Gonon is able to coax from the hills of Saint-Joseph is extraordinary.

The Cult Of Gonon:
2016 Gonon Saint-Joseph

The 2016 northern Rhônes have become an obsession of ours. They're so clear, concentrated, and classically proportioned.

Northern Rhône Master: 2017 Chave Saint-Joseph

Tasting through Chave's 2017s has left me astonished by the wines. They are easily some of the best wines produced in the vintage.

2016 Chave St-Joseph

Along with Pierre Gonon, Chave produces our favorite expression of St. Joseph. Chave's St. Joseph is something that we go deep on every vintage.

2016 Gonon Saint-Joseph: Cult Northern Rhône

What the Gonon brothers have achieved on the steep granite slopes of Saint-Joseph is amazing. In Northern Rhône, Saint-Joseph was thought to be a distant fourth behind Hermitage, Côte-Rôtie and Cornas.

High-Water Vintage - 2016 Northern Rhône Value:
2016 Marsanne Saint-Joseph

Jean-Claude Marsanne's Saint-Joseph has become a fixture at Crush. They are old school in style and without flash.

The Northern Rhône Untamed
2016 Lionnet St-Joseph Rouge Terre Neuve

Neal Rosenthal was introduced to Lionnet by his Côte-Rôtie producer, Bernard Levet. Levet is certainly a good jumping off point for getting a sense of Lionnet's wines.

2015 Chave St-Joseph

Along with Pierre Gonon, Chave produces our favorite expression of St. Joseph. Few producers are able to render Syrah with as much depth, detail and sophistication.

Clarity and Finesse in the Northern Rhône:
2014 Gerard St-Joseph Le Blanchard

Xavier Gerard's Saint-Joseph is one of the most exciting wines that I've tasted in some time. It impresses immensely with its purity, lift and aromatics. The finesse and clarity of expression really amaze.

Old-School Northern Rhône For A Song -
2014 Jean-Claude Marsanne Saint-Joseph

Chave and the Gonon brothers have made clear that Saint-Joseph has the capacity for producing exceptional expressions of Syrah. Today, we're happy to present another name: Jean-Claude Marsanne.

2015 Gonon Saint-Joseph

Gonon is easily one of our favorite producers in the Northern Rhône.

The Other Side of Gonon: 2014 Gonon St. Joseph Blanc "Les Oliviers"

The Gonon brothers have amassed a cult following for their St. Joseph Rouge, but their St. Joseph Blanc remains much more elusive. This is the first time that we've been able to offer Gonon's Blanc. It's a very difficult wine to track down. If you look around, you'll only find a handful of listings. 

Soulfulness and Delicacy in Saint-Joseph: 2014 Gonon Saint-Joseph

What the Gonon brothers achieve on the steep granite slopes of Saint-Joseph is amazing. Appropriately, the wines have attracted a cult following. Finding authentic Northern Rhône Syrah at affordable prices is a rare thing.