Hitting the Bull's Eye:
2016 Domaine du Pélican Savagnin Ouillé

Posted by Ian McFadden

Domaine Pélican is placing a major emphasis on the Savagnin grape.

Tasting the 2016, it's clear how much their bet on the grape is paying off.

Savagnin is the signature grape of the Jura, and one capable of incredible complexity.

It's a grape that we love. Some though, take issue with Savagnin - it can be a burly and somewhat unruly grape. The acidity can have an edge and seems to animate from the periphery instead of the core of the wine.

Pélican's Savagnin Ouillé is an eye-opening expression of the grape. In Pélican's hands, Savagnin assumes a silky finesse with a vivid terroir imprint.

The 2016 is the most successful vintage of Savagnin to date. It possesses a sophisticated elegance, impeccable detail and beautiful transparency. In this way, Pélican's touch with Savagnin is without peer.

You can expect the 2016 to offer up a blazingly clear expression of the grape. It's animated by a lovely suave and silken acidity and pristine notes of orchard fruits, spice and earth.

Guillaume D'Angerville became obsessed with the Jura after a sommelier in Paris poured him a glass of Chardonnay blind and he was very impressed, believing that it was a Burgundy. This sent him off on a five-year search to find a choice location in the Jura. He consulted with a well-known geologist to find ideal vineyards. In the end, he purchased three domains: Château de Chavannes, vines that were owned by the natural winemaker Jean-Marc Brignot, and the estate of the legendary Jacques Puffeny.

It's clear that things have clicked into high gear at Pélican. You don't have to look any further than the 2016 Savagnin to witness the incredibly high level that this domaine has achieved.

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Ian McFadden

Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits