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Macle 1993-2015:
Côtes du Jura & Château-Chalon

Macle has long stood as a benchmark for the Jura. The explanation is simple: no one in the region captures elegance the way that they do.


The Grand Cru of Vin Jaune:
2011 & 2012 Macle Château-Chalon

Château-Chalon is one of the great and utterly fascinating wines of the world. Macle is the long-standing benchmark of the appellation. Sadly, Macle's reputation in Europe makes finding the wines in the U.S. extremely difficult. For quite some time, Crush has been one of the few places in the country where you can find the wines. 

"This is a candidate for an eternal wine."
- 1993 Macle Château-Chalon

Château Chalon is the Grand Cru of Vin Jaune. It's here that Vin Jaune reaches the pinnacle of refinement and age-worthiness. Curnonsky, a famous 20th Century Parisian gourmet known as the "Prince of Gastronomes," included the wines of Château Chalon among "the five great white wines of France," along with Montrachet and Yquem.

The Pope of Arbois: 2012 Puffeney Arbois Vin Jaune

Puffeney is one of the Jura's old guard and one of its great traditionalists. He's so well-respected within the region that he's nicknamed the Pope of Arbois.

Hitting the Bull's Eye:
2016 Domaine du Pélican Savagnin Ouillé

Domaine Pélican is placing a major emphasis on the Savagnin grape. Tasting the 2016, it's clear how much their bet on the grape is paying off.

Jura Circa 1962:
1962 Cartier Chateau Chalon

Vin Jaune is one of the nearly immortal wines of the world. Château Chalon is the Grand Cru of Vin Jaune.