IDTT Podcast # 257: Reisetbauer Eau de Vie Poire Williams

Posted by Joe Salamone

IDTT Podcast # 257: Hans Reisetbauer
Reisetbauer Eau de Vie Poire Williams

Hans Reisetbauer is a major wine lover, but as he says in his IDTT interview people make wine in his region, but "the world doesn't want it."

His beautifully pure eau-de-vie are the opposite. Much of the world seems to be clamoring for them.

It's difficult to step into a top restaurant in New York, Austria or throughout much of Europe and not find Hans Reisetbauer represented. They are some of the greatest fruit distillates in existence and simply breath-taking to sniff and taste.

Hans Reisetbauer has distilled everything from carrots to ginger to oranges and made gin and whiskey. His fame has also brought collaborations with some of the world's top winemakers - he has distilled the pomace from Jean-Marc Roulot's Meursault Charmes and Donnhoff's Eiswein.

IDTT: 257 - Hans Reisetbauer

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I'll Drink to That

With such an intriguing and impressive range, it's hard to single out just one thing. We finally settled on the Poire Williams for a couple of reasons: It's a classic, and as Reisetbauer says, this year's version is one of the best.

We're happy to offer the Reisetbauer Poire Williams at special pricing for I'll Drink to That! listeners. The regular half-bottle price is $67.95, but we've discounted it to $61.95 for listeners of the podcast.

To receive the special pricing, please use the IDTTFORME promotion code. You can purchase online, over the phone or by replying to this email.

The podcast offers fascinating information on distilling, the history of Reisetbauer and Reisetbauer's love of wine and how contact with some of the world's best winemakers have changed his process. I found it shocking when I heard him say that he's started green harvesting.

There's an abundance of great information, like why he decided to make gin, how his mother was famous in his village for her cooking and palate, and when is the optimal time to pick fruit for distilling. Reisetbauer is one of the world's greatest fruit distillers. Listening to the man and tasting his work is an opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

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