"If you want the truest of Côte-Rôties... "
2015 Levet Côte Rôtie La Chavaroche

Posted by Joe Salamone

Levet's Chavaroche is unapologetically raw, stunningly pure and beautiful.

These are some of the most unique and exciting Côte Rôties around. They combine wildness with a breeding that's incredible.

Neal Rosenthal, Levet's importer, aptly sums up the wines: "If you want the truest of Côte-Rôties...if you admire both the intellectual and the savage, then this is a must-buy wine."

The 2015 Chavaroche is destined to be an epic bottle. In the Northern Rhône, the 2015 vintage is the total package: there's power, layered complexity and energy. Many seasoned tasters have put the 2015 vintage among the most exciting vintages in the past decade. Jancis Robinson has written, "Grab northern Rhône 2015 reds with both hands.”

In vintages like 2015, Chavaroche promises to be one for the ages. If you remember Levet's 05, you know how well he does in warm vintages. The extra-dimension of fruit really complements Levet's herbal, olive and mineral profile.

Levet's wines shine with some time in the cellar and they can age for decades and decades. A few years ago, I had a 98 Chavaroche that was just beginning to enter early maturity. It was absolutely gorgeous - a seamless weave of animal, mineral, violets, olives and dark fruit...sauvage, for sure, but with elegance to spare as well. Putting at least a 4-pack in your cellar is very recommended.

Chavaroche is a brutally rocky and steeply-terraced southwest-facing vineyard. Levet is meticulous in the vineyard, but the grapes simply do their thing in the cellar – vinification is thoughtful, but there’s no artifice at work.

Levet's Chavaroche is one of the most unyieldingly traditional and fascinating wines currently being made in the Northern Rhône. The 2015 is simply a don't miss vintage of this wine.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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