I'll Drink to That! #246: Fabio Alessandria

Posted by Joe Salamone

I'll Drink to That! #246:
Fabio Alessandria
2013 G.B. Burlotto Freisa Langhe

G.B. Burlotto has seemingly come out of nowhere to challenge some of the most well-known and august names of the region for quality wines.

No winery in the region is as much on the lips of the sommeliers and Piedmont aficionados looking for strong value as this one.

From his small village of Verduno in the northern-most section of Piedmont, Fabio Alessandria, the winemaker at G.B. Burlotto is turning out beautifully precise, lifted and finessed wines. As Alessandria states in his insightful I'll Drink to That! interview, Verduno has flourished with climate change. While that's undoubtedly true, it's also undeniable that he is one of the Piedmont's sharpest intellects and that the winery is really hitting its stride now.

It's clear that Fabio has thoughtfully and diligently pursued quality with superlative results. Focusing on Burlotto's Freisa seemed like a perfect way to drive home Fabio's hard work. Simply put, Freisa is a real diva and makes lots of demands in both the vineyard and cellar. Burlotto makes one of the best.

I might as well just come out and say that it's simply a great value as well. We're happy to offer the 2013 G.B. Burlotto Freisa Langhe at special pricing for I'll Drink to That! listeners. The regular price is $21.99, but we've discounted it to $18.95 for listeners of the podcast.

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When handled seriously, Freisa can deliver the structure and complexity that great Nebbiolo wines do. This isn't an accident - the two grapes are relatives. Compared to Nebbiolo, Freisa's expression is a little unhinged, somewhat savage. At its best, it offers an explosion of flowers, spice, dark fruits and minerals. The spectrum of flavor is impressive.

Because Freisa is harder to grow, less recognized and sells for less money, fewer and fewer growers are still producing Freisa wines. G.B. Burlotto is one of the exceptions. As Levi points out, Barolo prices continue to climb, so it is easy to appreciate the strong value that Freisa represents.

I really encourage you to check out Burlotto's Freisa, but you should listen to the full interview to learn more about his family's work in Verduno. There's great discussions on their Barolos, foot treading, stem inclusion and much more. Fabio's devotion in the cellar and vineyards of his family's winery is unmistakable.

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