"Impeccably pure" - 2016 Weiser-Künstler Riesling Gaispfad

Posted by Joe Salamone

Simply put, the 2016 Gaispfad is a brilliant bottle of Riesling.

It's a wine that covers such a broad flavor spectrum, everything from stone fruits, to spice, to floral notes, to stony minerality and much more. The total package is insanely detailed, incisive and beautifully textured.

For us, Weiser-Künstler is one of the great producers of Germany. The 2016 Gaispfad really highlights the level that they're working at.

Trabener Gaispfad is a slate ridden, iron-stained site that's home to very old, mostly ungrafted, vines. Weiser-Künstler has 0.5ha here. Along with Ellergrub, Gaispfad is Weiser-Künstler's top sites.

The 2016 Gaispfad is amazingly tactile, radiant and muscular minerality. When you taste through Weiser-Künstler's line-up, there's a textural element to the Gaispfad that always jumps out. There's suaveness and polished tension that really stands out.

The only issue is that quantities are absolutely painful. Weiser-Künstler is a small estate and yields were way down in 2016. Even on a holiday weekend, this will sell out in a flash.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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