Krug Rose Half-Bottles - Lowest Price in the World: Limited Time Only

Posted by Robert Schagrin

In this season of indulgence and magnum-sized revelry, let me take a moment to go small.

But if the size of these bottles is small, what's inside is as grand as ever.

Krug half-bottles are a mainstay of my fridge at home. I am passionate about my Krug, but sometimes a 375ml is exactly what I need. Pair with a single course, share as an aperitif, or ring in the New Year with an intimate toast.

When you consider that 750s of the Rosé go for $275-300+, you get a better sense of just how great of a value this is.

Krug produces some of the most incredible wines in all of Champagne, and their Rosé is a tribute to its timeless elegance.

While the Krug Rosé has been produced for nearly three decades (the first release was 1985), they are clearly producing the finest version of it today. It is mineral and intense and while it can be drunk immediately, the wine provides an excellent platform for aging. With age, Krug Rosé rounds out and deepens with warmer and darker tones but retains the Krug signature snap.

As quoted by Peter Liem, Eric Lebel, Krug's cellar master, says the Rosé is "a wine that emphasizes delicacy and finesse." The gorgeous light salmon color of the Rosé immediately tips you off to the wine's quiet elegance. The Rosé thrives on a fine-ness and a seamless detail of grace.

At Crush, we like to wax poetic on the beauty of terroir, but there's another aspect to great winemaking, one that is wholly dependent on the mastery of the estate: Today's offer brings to the forefront the art of blending. The Rosé is blended from 40-50 different wines, with 30 to 35 percent coming from Krug's vast store of reserve wines from four or five different vintages. The wine also sees five to six years of aging before release. The result is a truly mesmerizing wine of refined elegance.

Given the extreme artistry and attention to detail behind these bottles at a fraction of the price standard-size bottles command, Krug Rosé half-bottles are undeniably one of the great values of the year.

Whether it's for New Year's Eve or just to have around, the perfect package of Krug Rosé is not to be missed.

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Robert Schagrin

Managing Partner

Crush Wine & Spirits