Last Chance, Reference Point Vintage:
2008 Agrapart L'Avizoise Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut Grand Cru

Posted by Ian McFadden

Few producers in Champagne capture terroir with the level of mastery that Agrapart does.

There's no vintage that proves this point as dramatically as 2008.

For all but the most avid Champagne drinkers, Agrapart remained an under-the-radar producer for years. That changed in the 2005 vintage. In that tricky vintage, they made wines so extraordinarily good that it was impossible not to notice.

Agrapart's 2008s represented another high-water mark. I remember tasting the 2008s almost four years ago and buying every bottle that I could find the next day. The 2008 vintage proves that Agrapart belongs among the elite winemakers of Champagne.

You won’t find another offering for 2008 L’Avizoise anywhere in the U.S. Please keep in mind that these bottles are rare and very limited.

2008 is one of the greatest young vintages of Champagne that I've tasted. They exude energy, purity, and structure. L’Avizoise captures the best this vintage has to offer.

Like all of Agrapart’s wines, L’Avizoise is a remarkable expression of its terroir. The grapes are grown in the Grand Cru village of Avize on the “up-slope” containing a deep layer of clay-rich topsoil. The resulting wine is one of the most powerful in Agrapart’s lineup. In 2008, L'Avizoise's power finds the perfect complement in its sharply focused minerality and incredible depth.

The 2008 L’Avizoise is entering the height of drinkability. With grower's 2008s becoming harder and harder to find, I encourage you to take advantage of this offering. The 2008 L’Avizoise represents one of Champagne's top talents at the height of his power.

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Ian McFadden

Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits