Lauer Finale:
2015 Lauer Stirn and Neuenberg

Posted by Joe Salamone

For years, Florian Lauer has been on a tear. It seems like he pulled out all the stops in 2015.

From top to bottom it's a brilliant line-up.

The 2015 vintage in Germany doesn't need much of an introduction. It's been a very long time since a vintage has caused so much excitement. In the context of Lauer's 2015s, everything is amplified: the intensity, the razor cut, the clarity.

Starting with Stirn. In German the word “Stirn” means forehead; this is the top part of the mountain, roughly 100 meters up a dramatic incline from the Unterstenberg. Here, in a wind-whipped, exposed vineyard with little soil, the vines struggle to ripen. The resultant wine flaunts high-toned citrus and a saline, lime-zest minerality. Although the overall effect is off-dry, the acidity in the Stirn is always among the most dramatic and soaring of any of Lauer’s bottlings

The 2015 Stirn is epic. It combines the ripeness of the 2015 vintage with a rapier cut. It all adds up to a riveting wine.

With Neuenberg, we are talking about one of the historically greatest and most expensive parcels in the Ayler Kupp. First bottled separately in 2010, this wine has very quickly become one of the top bottlings in the Lauer collection. It manages an expansive power with incredible detail and finesse.

The 2015 Neuenberg is the total package. There's richness and depth along with a detailed minerality. Above all, it's a wine of shimmering clarity.

Sadly, this marks the end of the 2015 Lauer offers. I've been saving these two wines, because they make for a strong finale. I should warn you, though, quantities are very limited.

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Joe Salamone

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