Macle 1993-2015:
Côtes du Jura & Château-Chalon

Posted by Joe Salamone

Macle has long stood as a benchmark for the Jura. The explanation is simple: no one in the region captures elegance the way that they do.

Macle possesses an extraordinary ability to take Jura's wild, earthy flavors and, with absolute clarity, weave them together into a unified tapestry that has an undeniable, mineral-driven elegance.

We're happy to offer a duo of Macle's Côtes du Jura and a series of Château-Chalon stretching back to 1993. 

The class and refinement of the Côtes du Jura is certainly in part due to sensitive winemaking, but it's also an issue of terroir: the Chardonnay and Savagnin vines for Macle's Côtes du Jura are from a choice plot that was part of Château-Chalon until the appellation’s boundaries were redrawn in the 1980s. When it comes to oxidative wines, Château-Chalon is the pinnacle.

For us, Macle's Château-Chalon's are some of the best and most moving wines out there. Château Chalon is the Grand Cru of Vin Jaune. It's here that Vin Jaune reaches its pinnacle of class and ageworthiness. Macle's Château Chalon boasts a ridiculous depth of complexity. In The New France, Andrew Jefford comments that Macle’s wines, "...seem to rifle through a repertoire of the natural world as you sniff and sip." That gives you a good sense of what you're dealing with.

The only issue is that there's never enough of Macle to go around. Many of the wines below are extremely limited. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best. 

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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