Mosel Holy Trinity - 2018 Weiser-Künstler:
Steffensberg, Gaispfad & Ellergrub Grosse Eule

Posted by Joe Salamone

Simply put, Weiser-Künstler is making some of the greatest wines in Germany.

It's clear both in how people speak of the estate and in the wines themselves that Weiser-Künstler is doing everything right. They are shimmeringly clear and featherweight wines that shock you with their minerality, precision, and overall composition.

Today, I'm happy to offer a trio of Weiser-Künstler's top dry wines - Steffensberg, Gaispfad, and Ellergrub Grosse Eule.

I should mention from the outset that this is a very limited offering.

Weiser-Künstler turned out one of the best collections of 2018s in Germany. They have a multi-dimensional complexity, an insane amount of detail, and a beautiful texture.

Steffensberg is a weathered slate site that's also in a south-facing side valley. It always possesses a textural dimension that makes it stand out in Weiser-Künstler's lineup.

Gaispfad is a stony, iron-stained site that's home to very old, mostly ungrafted, vines. Weiser-Künstler has 0.5ha here. This top site produces saturating, shimmering Rieslings.

Finally, there's the Ellergrub Grosse Eule (Great Owl), the estate's top dry wine(Grosse Eule is a play on Grosses Gewächs). Many German wine scholars place Ellergrub as one of the best sites in the Middle Mosel. Weiser-Künstler's parcel in this steeply terraced, mostly blue slate, vineyard is home to hundred-year-old ungrafted vines.

Each of these represent high points of the vintage. They are also in short supply. For example, there are no listings for the Gaipfad and only one for Ellergrub GE. Please give us your ideal order, and we’ll try our best.

To order, email or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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