One For The Ages: 2008 Bollinger La Grande Année

Posted by Ian McFadden

"Bollinger’s Champagnes are often known for their richness, but whenever I taste one, it’s usually its fineness that I notice first and foremost.” -Peter Liem

I often think about the Peter Liem quote above. It's a concise and spot on summary of what Bollinger is all about, especially Grande Année.

Grande Année works on so many levels that it's bewildering. It possesses a resonant depth of complexity, finesse and soaring aromatics.

The 2008 Grande Année offers one of the best opportunities to witness the class and sheer elegance that the wine can offer. There's no doubt that it will go down as one of the great Grande Années of the past three decades.

I've been tasting 2008 Champagnes for the past six years and the vintage continues to blow me away. It's all about purity, harmony and an energetic structure. We love the total package. I've cleared up a lot of space in my cellar for the 2008s. I'm excited to see how they age.

The 2008 Grande Année has blazing freshness. I love how the enveloping richness is offset by a dancing elegance. It's amazing given how jammed packed this wine is that not a single element feels out of place.

I feel very confident that we won't see another Grande Année like this anytime soon. It's simply that great. I strongly encourage you to bury as much as possible in your cellar.

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Ian McFadden

Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits