"One of the finest grower-producers" - Peter Liem
Marie-Noëlle Ledru Brut Grand Cru

Posted by Joe Salamone

Every year around this time, we get a Ledru allocation, get excited to offer it out, and then it's gone.

Each year the situation gets uglier and uglier as the quantities steadily decrease. The size of Ledru's estate has shrunk, her fan base has exploded and demand has been further fueled by her impending retirement.

They are amazing Champagnes in their expressiveness and finesse. The overall style is one of serious structure, elegance, vivid purity and unobstructed expression. The Brut Grand Cru displays a regal, tightly coiled energy with polished chalk and brilliant fruit.

Ledru produces some of the most lovingly made and terroir-expressive Champagnes around. She handles every aspect of production on her own (from the vineyards, to the paperwork, to the cellar where every bottle is hand-disgorged.)

It's always a pleasure to offer Ledru. They are Champagnes that leave a serious imprint in how heartfelt and precise they are.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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