Rare, Back-Vintage Ledru:
2002 Ledru Brut Nature

Posted by Joe Salamone

This parcel was a major find.

Nailing down Ledru's current releases in any quantity is very difficult. Getting your hands on back-vintages can seem impossible. And when the vintage is 2002, it amounts to a major score.

The 2002 vintage is one of the best in the past 20 years. It's characterized by exquisitely ripe grapes of great concentration, bolstered by plenty of lively elegance. These qualities also happen to make it an ideal vintage for making non-dosage Champagne.

Ledru's overall style is one of serious structure, elegance, and an unobstructed expression of the vineyard. When it comes to rendering Champagnes of absolute purity, wines "without makeup" to borrow wine writer Michael Edwards' description, Ledru's vintage dated Brut Nature may be the pinnacle of the estate.

Working without dosage is no small feat in Champagne's northern precincts. The results, when not expertly handled, can be tooth-chattering austerity. Ledru absolutely nails the category, delivering something pristine with a resonating medley of red fruits and textured and refined minerals. As Peter Liem writes on the wine, "the entire package exudes a sense of harmony and completeness. This is really a model of how brut nature should be made. "

As you could guess, we have a very small parcel. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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2002 Ledru Brut Nature