Rare, Back-Vintage Ledru:
2005 Ledru Millesime Brut Magnums

Posted by Joe Salamone

Getting your hands on Ledru's wines has become a major headache. This is especially true of her vintage Champagnes.

Each year the situation gets uglier as the quantities steadily decrease. Since 2011, the size of Ledru's estate has shrunk, her fan base has exploded and demand has been further fueled by her retirement.

It will be sad when Ledru's wines finally disappear from the market. They are amazing Champagnes in their expressiveness and finesse. The overall style is one of serious structure, elegance, vivid purity and unobstructed expression.

Today, we're excited to offer a very modest parcel of Ledru's 2005 in magnums. Magnums of Ledru represent the extreme end of the rarity spectrum. In the entire U.S. you'll find only two other listings for any vintage magnums of Ledru.

The 2005 has all of the hallmarks of what makes Ledru's wines some of the most exciting grower Champagnes around. It displays a regal, tightly coiled energy with polished chalk and brilliantly clear red fruit. There's plenty of rigor and structure for mid-term aging.

In the decade that we've been working with Ledru, there have only been a few times that we've had magnums available. Frankly, I can easily see this being the last time that we'll have them to offer.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
Crush Wine & Spirits