Rare Ulysse Collin: Ulysse Collin Rose de Saignee (2013)

Posted by Ian McFadden

We love Ulysse Collin's Champagne for how thrilling, complex and fascinatingly unique they are.

Today, we turn to Collin's rarest wine.

In general, Collin's wines are always in short supply, but the rosé is an extreme case. There are currently no other bottles of 2013 Rosé de Saignée in the U.S.

2011 was the first year that Olivier Collin produced rosé. It was a shocking wine - profoundly complex and incredibly challenging. It was a wine that you needed to spend some time with to begin to really wrap your mind around.

The 2013 doesn't pull any punches, but it does come off as friendlier and more accessible. It offers up a wild complexity - red fruits mixed with earth, herbs and minerals in dramatic interplay. The wine seems to reveal a different nuance with each passing moment and there's something haunting about how the aromatics are constantly evolving.

We've been fans of Collin from the start, but since 2010 the wines have been really stunning. Rosé de Saignée is one of the most difficult wines to pull off. Collin's 2013 is an impressive success and shows how skilled of a winemaker he is.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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Collin Rosé de Saignée (2013)