Rhône Stunner - 100 Year Old Vines 2015 Souhaut St. Joseph Sainte Epine

Posted by Joe Salamone

Last week, we offered Souhaut's 2015 St. Joseph Les Cessieux under the heading "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow." By 5pm we were allocating bottles.

Souhaut makes absolutely gorgeous and insanely drinkable Northern Rhône wines. And people have clearly noticed.

Today, we focus on Souhaut's Sainte Epine, a steep terraced vineyard of 100+ year old vines. Cessieux is a recent addition to Souhaut's line-up, but Sainte Epine is responsible for a very large part of Souhaut's reputation.

In 2015, it's a dazzling wine. Northern Rhône producers have been talking about how exciting the 2015 vintage is since they began harvest. At their best, the 2015s combine vigor and snap with a penetrating concentration. Everything seems to be in the right place.

The 2015 Sainte Epine offers up a very appealing suave texture, backed by an undercurrent of smokey minerality. This is complicated by notes of olives, spices and dark fruits. The thing that's always impressed me the most about Sainte Epine is how it combines power, a tense energetic core and a seductive texture. The 2015 struts all of these with a confidence that I haven't witnessed before.

I'm going to wrap this up. Souhaut is a small domaine with an outsized fan club. Just to underscore how limited the Sainte Epine is, I should mention that there are just two other listings for it in the U.S.

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Joe Salamone

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2015 Souhaut St. Joseph Sainte Epine