Single Vineyard Splendor:
2013 Chartogne-Taillet Chemin de Reims

Posted by Joe Salamone

Chartogne-Taillet's lineup reaches its pinnacle in the exactingly-rendered single-vineyard bottlings. They dramatize just how sensitive and precise the winemaking is.

The Chemin de Reims, first bottled as a single-vineyard champagne in 2011, is an extraordinary example of Chartogne’s skillful winemaking.

The vineyard Chemin de Reims has a very long history; it was first mentioned by name in the ninth century. The south-facing slope is located in the southern part of Merfy. It has iron-rich sandy soils planted with 100% Chardonnay.

The 2013 Chemin de Reims is a standout among Chartogne-Taillet’s very impressive lineup. The iron-rich soils really differentiate the wine, giving it a firm structure with dark, brooding flavors. Its linear build is off-set by a core of ripe fruit and pronounced minerality. It’s a singular champagne with impressive terroir transparency.

Today, we’re happy to offer Chartogne-Taillet’s 2013 Chemin de Reims for $105.95 per bottle.

2013 was also a really special vintage in Champagne. The spring was cool and rainy, which delayed flowering and slowed development. Many growers didn’t harvest until early October, which used to be the norm in the 80s, but seldom happens in today’s warming world.

When Alexandre Chartogne took over his family’s domaine in 2006, the wines kicked into high gear. Alexandre studied winemaking under the visionary Champagne producer Anselme Selosse. He adopted Selosse’s vision for natural, low-intervention winemaking. Today, he's one of the most thoughtful and ambitious growers we know—and it shows in the wines.

Alexandre Chartogne is known for rendering each wine with complete terroir saturation and utter individuality. The 2013 Chemin de Reims is no different. As Antonio Galloni puts it, “readers will find very few growers with a deeper love of the land and all it has to say than Alexandre Chartogne.”

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Joe Salamone

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2013 Chartogne-Taillet Chemin de Reims

Special Bottle Price: $105.95